We are dedicated to bringing
you great service and products

Our Vision

The Crazy Fish International vision is to focus on producing and distributing exceptionally fresh and frozen seafood to restaurants and home consumers in the Southeastern United States.  We insist on only the freshest and healthiest protein available. 

Our History


Crazy Fish International started in 2017 as a quality processor for the wholesale restaurant trade in Ft. Lauderdale-Miami. We expanded service from our state-of-the art production facility into foodservice distribution shortly after opening and began to supply Cheney Brothers in Riviera Beach, Florida.  With this expanded service we improved our volume which led to direct importing fresh seafood starting the Winter/Spring of 2018. By the Spring of 2018 we again expanded our service through Cheney Brothers Punta Gorda, FL division and now deliver to customers being shipped out of Ocala, FL. Ocala deliveries include customers into North Georgia and deep into the Panhandle. With the Covid-19 Pandemic we created a retail option utilizing the Crazy Fish Fresh Seafood and the well-established Coast to Coast Importing frozen seafood brand along with various meat products from Grand Western in Ft Lauderdale, FL.  This direct service has helped our valued restaurants and home consumers receive premium restaurant quality fresh and frozen seafood, along with various premium frozen meats. 

Our Core Values

Quality counts!  We are quality conscious every step of the way.  At Crazy Fish we have the highest quality standards from procurement, receiving, production, packing and final distribution of our products. Our internal expectations meet or exceed Food & Drug requirements and we strictly adhere to HACCP standards and further internal quality controls.  (Congressional Federal Register Parts 123 and 1240 mandating industry compliance to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) principals)

Our entire facility is supplied with ozone infused water which is a not only an organic method to clean and sanitize a production facility but adds shelf life to your fresh fish.  Ozonated water naturally kills bacteria and other harmful organisms while continuously disinfecting tools and surface area.

We focus on superior sourcing and production and maintain strict inbound raw material standards that keep our customers satisfied and coming back for more.